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For some time, the NDIS has been providing Australians with disability funding to have access to services they might need. That includes NDIS cleaning services. Cleaning is an essential activity that is done daily to make sure our house and commercial space are maintained and kept clean. Cleanliness and safety go hand in hand. For people with disabilities, regularly cleaning an entire home may be challenging. That’s why the NDIS provides funding and support to thousands of Australians with disabilities.

The aim of the National Disability Insurance Scheme is to provide funding and support for Australians with disabilities who need help. Tiffany Maids Cleaning Services is a registered NDIS provider that offers cleaning services to Australians under the NDIS program. Tiffany maids are professionally trained and will make sure any NDIS house cleaning is done thoroughly and efficiently.   

NDIS cleaning services

NDIS House Cleaning

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in Perth provides support and services to individuals with disabilities. While the NDIS primarily focuses on funding assistance and support that help people with disabilities achieve their goals and lead fulfilling lives, it does not provide NDIS house cleaning services directly. However, it may fund cleaning services in certain situations. Still, it's typically related to disability-related cleaning needs or if cleaning is necessary to maintain a safe and healthy living environment for the individual with a disability.

Tiffany Maids Cleaning Services is a certified NDIS-registered cleaning company that can help clean, disinfect, and maintain NDIS-registered households and commercial spaces.

What Do We Offer?

Tiffany Maids Cleaning Services employs cleaning maids who are professionally trained and thorough in their work. Our maids can help out with all types of cleaning: domestic, commercial, aged care and others. Other than NDIS house cleaning, our services include:
There is much more that Tiffany Maids specialises in. Check out our services page to learn more.

Choose Tiffany Maids for Your ndis hOUSE Cleaning Needs!

When it comes to efficient cleaning, Tiffany Maids is trusted among cleaning companies in Perth. We are proud to be the trusted professionals amongst commercial cleaners in Perth. Our solid ability to communicate with our clients is what makes Tiffany Maids a trusted company among our peers. The key to excellent service is knowing exactly what your customer wants; to do that, open communication is a must.

Tiffany Maid Cleaning Services welcomes customers with open communication and listens to their suggestions to gauge the extent of their needs. No cleaning jobs in Perth are too small for Tiffany Maids.

ndis house cleaning services

Frequently Asked Questions

Helping elders keep the house clean involves a thoughtful and supportive approach, considering their physical abilities, preferences, and any specific needs they may have.

The best thing we can help them with is by:

– Establishing a routine.
– Helping them prioritise their tasks.
– Decluttering.
– Using assistive tools when helping them.
– Modifying cleaning tasks based on their physical abilities.
– Encouraging regular maintenance.

NDIS cleaning services is a privilege for people with disabilities. The NDIS is a program in Australia that provides support and services to people with disabilities. To become NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme)-approved cleaners, you need to follow a set of steps and meet certain requirements.

Some of these include:

  • Procure the requirements. You can find them at their website.
  • Register as NDIS provider.
  • Meet quality and safety standards.
  • Create policies and procedures.
  • Staff training and qualifications.

Tiffany Maids has been through this process and is a certified NDIS provider.

Yes, perhaps you want some tasks performed each visit, and others on rotation. It’s completely up to you, and rest assured whatever you require, it will be delivered with that personal attention to detail that make Tiffany Maids a cut above.

Yes, our well-trained maids take excellent care of children whilst maintaining the household through cleaning, washing, ironing, and anything else you ask for.

Yes! If your cleaner ever falls sick and your house is left in shambles for the week, then a Tiffany Maid’s substitute cleaner is exactly what you need! Our Tiffany Maids have your back, we can easily come on the set day that your usual cleaner works and give your house the TLC it needs.

For pricing, please contact us! No job too small or big. Two hours minimum for all bookings.

Nope! When you ask for our services there are no lock-in contracts included!