Frequently Asked Questions

  • What services do Tiffany Maids provide?

    Here at Tiffany Maids we provide two main; Maid Services and Domestic/Commercial Cleaning services.

  • What are Tiffany Maid’s specialties?

    We specialise in regular and casual cleaning, move in / move out cleaning, ironing and washing, vacate cleaning, inspection cleaning, and event / function help.

  • How often can I have a cleaning service?

    The choice is yours! Even if you’re not looking at having your house cleaned daily or weekly, you can easily opt for monthly, bi-yearly or annually.

  • Are the maids checked for suitability?

    Definitely, the recruitment process includes face-to-face interviews, background checks, reference checks, work history and identification checks. Checking the maids suitability is extremely important so we know that you receive the quality you’re paying for.

  • Do you use chemical or non-chemical cleaning?

    The choice between using chemical products or non-chemical products to clean your home is completely your decision! Depending on who’s living in your house (pets included) can alter the way you like your home cleaned. We love using Enjo and other eco-friendly products, however let us know what you prefer and we’ll be happy to clean the way you like!

  • Do all your maids speak English?

    Yes, All Tiffany Maids speak strong English, and are trained to go above and beyond in all areas of the home in order to earn your trust and exceed your every expectation.

  • Do all your maids have police checks?

    Yes, have complete peace of mind with who is entering your home as all staff are police cleared and fully insured.

  • Can I ask for different services each week?

    Yes, Perhaps you want some tasks performed each visit, and others on rotation. It’s completely up to you, and rest assured whatever you require, it will be delivered with that personal attention to detail that make Tiffany Maids a cut above.

  • Do your maids take care of children?

    Yes, our well-trained maids take excellent care of children whilst maintaining the household through cleaning, washing, ironing, and anything else you ask for.

  • Do Tiffany Maids offer substitute cleaners?

    Yes! If your cleaner ever falls sick and your house is left in a shambles for the week then a Tiffany Maid’s substitute cleaner is exactly what you need! Our Tiffany Maids have your back, we can easily come on the set day that your usual cleaner works and give your house the TLC it needs.

  • How much does it cost for your services?

    For pricing, please contact us! No job too small or big. Two hours minimum for all bookings.

  • Is there a contract?

    Nope! When you ask for our services there are no lock in contracts included!

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